Hevi Shot’s innovative non-toxic shotgun ammo expands from game birds to HOG WILD loads

hevishotHevi Shot has a well earned reputation of innovative non-toxic shotgun ammo that just plain flattens game birds.  Western Shooting Journal tested a number of their Hevi-Metal bird loads during our ’20ga challenge’ last hunting season.  We killed grouse, pheasants, ducks and quail…all with Hevi Shot 20 gauge loads that year.

Now Hevi Shot is stepping into the four legged and dangerous game shooting realm with their new HOG WILD loads.  Available in 12 gauge 3″ and 3.5″, these magnum loads feature three and 2 .626 round balls respectively that pack over 800 ft pounds of energy per ball!  That’s a load that’s designed for serious close range stopping power. 

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