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Shoot and Move LLC was founded about two and a half years ago by current and former law enforcement officers. The idea was to improve the shooting skills of not just law enforcement officers but the shooting community as a whole.


Shoot and Move Unique Approach
I wouldn’t say we were unique but I like to think what we strive for and we hope sets us apart is that we really put a lot of weight on working the individuals skill set and pushing them to their breaking point.

When it comes to the individual shooter if they are an active LEO and we can help them become more proficient and accurate with their firearms and also become tactfully sound then at the end of the day we feel that we have done our job. Again pushing them to a breaking point to build on, not settling for status quo. We really want our shooters to always be improving and understanding that in dynamic situations one has to react autonomically and the only way is to constantly work situations, scenarios, and push their individual limits.

The same principals apply when we train and teach our civilian shooters we stress time behind the gun. We are known to say constantly proficiency breeds accuracy. One thing we stress to our civilian shooters is to know the local carry laws along with the use of force guide lines. With that especially in concern to concealed carry knowing how to affectively draw and get the firearm out and deployed in a dynamic situation. The basis is the same whether teaching a law enforcement officer or civilian in concealed carry survive the fight.
Teaching CQB Challenges to Women & Males
Teaching in general at times can be a challenge and we feel that no matter the gender it is all about developing a level of trust with each shooter and having the individual shooter feel comfortable. While some of our more advanced classes induce stress and are designed to be fast paced and require the shooter to determine shoot and no shoot situations while moving, reloading, or transitioning from a primary to secondary firearm it is always stressed safety first and the challenge becomes to improve the individual whether they be male or female. It’s simple at the end of the day if your carrying a firearm it’s your responsibility to be safe, know tactics, the law, be proficient, and practice to remain proficient.

Shoot & Move Instructors
Shoot and Move LLC is made up of Instructors that backgrounds include law enforcement, military special operations, and a former prosecuting attorney, collectively our instructors hold NRA Civilian Instructor Certifications, NRA Law Enforcement Certifications, Law Enforcement Instructor Certifications to name a few. We also feel that with some of our instructors having deployed in direct action engagements around the globe we understand the dynamics of the gun fight and hope we can with some our training and real world experience share that knowledge to our students.

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