Saiga 12 vs Cars

Saiga-12 shotguns are incredible weapons.
When they target these cars, we all get a great show.

Watch as these guys use Saiga-12 shotguns for some serious destruction in this action-packed video. I’ll admit there’s not much logic to this video but it sure is fun watching these cars get banged up.
YouTuber anderRuskov shared a video of cars being shot up by 12-gauge buckshot loads. The weapons of choice are semi-automatic Saiga-12 shotguns loaded up with 20-round drum magazines.

The Saiga-12 shotgun has quite an interesting design. It’s essentially a beefed-up AK-47 rifle chambered with 12-gauge shotgun loads. This smoothbore shotgun shoots excellent with buckshot loads. The proof is in the patterns of buckshot on the stricken cars.

For many, a load of 12-gauge buckshot is the end-all for home defense. This video certainly shows it will get the job done.

Sources: anderRuskov Youtube,, Eric Nestor