Winchester SXP Shotgun


Winchester SXP Pump-Action Shotgun is considered the world’s fastest pump action shotgun. The SXP is lightweight, centered balance and easily on target aim. The cycling is amazingly fast and Winchester uses what’s called “inertia-assisted action” to load the next shell.
To aid in this smooth cycling, the SXP has dual action bars on it that prevent twisting and binding.

On the butt end Winchester utilizes its Inflex technology recoil pad that diverts the energy down and away from the shooter’s cheek, this reduces flinching and fatigue. A hard heel insert on the pad makes mounting the Super X Pump snag free.

If you’re into super-speed clays or fast-flushing upland game, keep up with shooting’s fastest action with the Super X Pump, the perfect choice for pump shotgun lovers. Because of its inertia-assisted slide-action, it’s the fastest in the world for follow-up shots. Three shots can be delivered in just a half second. Cycle one through and see if it isn’t fast, handling is sweet and fastest pump out there.

Four massive lugs provide support, strength and solid lockup in the receiver of the lightning-fast Super X® Pump. Under recoil the mass of your body begins to slow the rearward travel of the shotgun, while the inertia of the bolt, slide and forearm continue cycling the action to help you get a head start on your next shot. Dual steel action guide bars channel and eliminate twisting, binding, wasted time and energy when cycling the action.

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