Ranger Roll to lift an Unconscious Person in Seconds

Are you into lifting weights? Then picking up a 200 pound person is no problem right?, But what if this person was unconscious? Now we’re talking dead weight which is totally different. Due to the awkward distribution of weight and flexible nature of the human body, it’s nothing like dead lifting barbells in a gym.

There have been methods that was developed to rectify this challenge. However, none have come close to being effective as this Ranger Roll method by Wil Willis.

Wil Willis is a former Ranger and USAF Pararescue specialized in tactical trauma emergency care. Wil came up with this quick method which uses momentum to roll the body onto his shoulders.

You can see the instruction here and some bad ass skills. Though the video is 7 minutes long, it is quite informative for an EMT trauma specialist that has to move a body quickly.

The downside to this method maybe that the person needs to be in average to good conditioning. The skill does require some practice to fully understand using momentum combine with good body technique.
Getting up to the stand up position is similar to the Turkish get-up exercise. This technique may not be for everyone but if needed when the situation arises, could be a life saver.

Video Transcription
Alright guys, I’m gonna show you a quick way to get a guy in a fireman’s carry. How many here have ever executed a fireman successfully on an unconscious casualty by yourself? By yourself. By yourself. Come on out. You ready? [Flops. Laughter]

What do you weigh will?


Hundred eighty? That’s it?


You’re doing a good job. You’re doing great, man.

[laughter] He really gets into it!

Stop, stop, stop. You get the point here?

Real dead weight!

Ain’t nobody here going to the gym and grabbing 180lb of pudding with sticks in it, snatching it of the ground, and putting it on their back. Because that’s what you have when you have an unconscious casualty. 180lbs or whatever he weighs of puddin’ with sticks in it, wrapped in hard-ass plastic gear, ok. So getting a casualty up isn’t that easy. Especially when they’re unconscious, uncooperative, not working with you. And to show you a couple of techniques, and if you don’t practice them, they’re not gonna magically come to you. Come on down here. How much do you weigh?


So we’ve got a casualty that weighs one-sixty-five. (just take a step to the side so I never have to teach this again. [laughter] Thank you. I’m old, dude.) Alright, so this guy weighs 165lbs, I’m gonna do this at speed, and then we’ll back it off, ok. This is a technique I learned from when I was in the ranger battalion, I didn’t magically come up with this, ok, and if you don’t practice it, it’s not a viable thing for you.


“WOAH. [laughter]”

Again. At some point it’s gotta work.

I guess I kinda overestimated. Relax your body.

“That’s some ninja shit!”

You see I could feel that guy gettin’ stiff, ok, a real casualty isn’t gonna roll with me, it’s just gonna be dead weight, alright. He rolled with me. Alright, he weighs 165 lbs, you can get him up like nothin’. It’s just a combat roll across his body. Anybody here weigh 220?

Come on down.

This guy outweighs me by 40 lbs. If you practice technique-

[strangled noise]

I can get him organized, I got him nice and stable, I’ve got my hips underneath my freakin’ shoulders. All I gotta do now is post up here, stand up with him.

“If you’ve ever done a turkish get-up, you’ve gotta have everything in alignment. If you’re off a little bit, it’s an injury waitin’ to happen.”

Now I could probably move out 100yards with this guy, keep up with the team, but what’s gonna happen after 100 yards?

“Muscle fatigue.”

I’m gonna get smoked. What’s the advantage of this?

It’s quick. What else? You maximize in guns in the fight, right? Maximize the security. But now I’m smoked. Guess what? Come on out here. Go back to back with me. Let me know when you have the weight. He’s got the weight. Somebody else try it out.

“Did he just shit himself?” [laughter]

Alright, set him down. So here’s how you do this slow. So gimmee somebody who weighs about– come out here.

Ok, so I’m gonna do this leftie, just so everyone can see and I can play to the video. But you can do this from standing and kneeling, or a lying position. If the situation dictates that I need to low-crawl up to this guy, or whatever, then I can. And all I do is turn my body to his. I get my hips on the ground, I rest my back on his chest, or on his gear. Can you breathe?


I don’t care. Why? It’s not a priority right now. Moving him is a priority! All I’m gonna do is reach back, grab this leg– I grab high on the cargo pocket, and I grab whatever material is there. Why? I’m gonna be draggin’ it with me. I’m bringing his thigh over my shoulder, and I’m throwing a pitch in that direction. So I throw a pitch– hip and the elbow stay down. Hip and elbow stay down. Do not roll over to your face, alright? If you’re flat like this, you’re not gonna get him up. So you’ve gotta keep your hips under you, so that when you transition, it’s a quick little standup. Ok?

“And you’ve got a hat.”

Easy day. Don’t leave anything behind. Alright. Come on out.

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From the kneeling position, here’s what it looks like. My knee goes next to his hip, I scissor him. [occasional snickering] This arm loops through his thigh, I grab ahold of that thigh, whatever I can grab, ok? I put my ear on his opposite hip, roll through. Nice and slow. Relax your body. Alright. Ok? And then last one… [laughter] Getting my workout for the day! Woo! And then the last one– I want you to be 100% unconscious. Remember that game I was playing in the beginning? I wans you to do that. Nice and easy. You come in– secure that arm– he’s got some stuff here.

If you do this shit and it’s caught on video you’ll be a youtube sensation.

That’s probably where this is going. A lot of editing.

You can do this with gear, without gear, the problem is, it’s crawl-walk-run. You gotta be really good at the crawl part before you can walk, and you better be a damn olympic walker before you run. Ok. You can do it with your weapon, helmet, body armor, the only limiting factor, really, is like a rucksack or something like that. Are there any questions?

Everybody feel confident they can do this?

Alright, let’s make it happen. [laughter]

“So many injuries. So many LODs. …The tactical Nut-drag. Only SEALS can do that. ‘HANG ONTO MY NUTS I’M A SEAL'” “I’m like ‘Grab onto his nuts, he’s a seal!'” [Group laughter]

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