New from Lyman: Lubricate firearms without draining the cleaning solution

lymanConvert Your Power Pro Ultrasonic Cleaner into a Lubing Station Instantly!

Now, users of Lyman’s industrial strength PowerPro Ultrasonic Cleaner can easily and completely lube parts without draining the cleaning solution from the unit. This rugged, stainless tank is designed to sit in the PowerPro’s cleaning tank which remains filled with cleaner. The unit’s powerful ultrasonic action is transmitted through the cleaning solution into the accessory tank filled with lube. No tank draining or cleaning needed.
Thoughtfully designed, the accessory tank’s side support brackets and large handles make fast installation and removal easy. This new accessory tank makes the transition from cleaning to lubrication fast and trouble-free resulting in huge time savings. Works perfectly with Lyman’s Turbo Sonic Gun Lube!• A perfect and necessary accessory for the Power Pro Ultrasonic Cleaner
• Allows deep ultrasonic cleaning and sonic lubrication in the same unit
• Allows firearms to be lubricated without draining cleaning solution
• Side brackets support the accessory tank allowing it to sit in the cleaning solution, transferring the ultrasonic action to the lube
• Tough, welded metal construction
• Large handles make moving the tank easy
• Huge time savings when cleaning multiple firearms

Power Pro Accessory Lube Tank (#7631739)    MSRP  $299.95

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