Mossberg 590 Shockwave – NFA Shorty Firepower

Do you need a quick shorty shotgun for close quarter firepower? Have a look at Mossberg Shockwave. You’re not gonna need a tax stamp or special approvals to get this short barrel with a high-capacity pump action shotgun.
But you’ll need more ammo.
The Shockwave is technically a “firearm” (Class 3/NFA) due to its 14-inch barrel that shoots a 12 gauge load.
Shockwave also incorporates the “bird’s-head” style grip in place of the shoulder stock.
Youtuber Hickok45 had a chance to do some plinking with this awesome shotgun.

As Hickok45 states this is probably good to have next to your Python.
Now if we can get this with a 20 round magazine fed, life is good!