Man Takes down a Buck with a Glock 40 10mm

When we talk about Glocks, most of us usually think these are used by law enforcement for service or for personal protection. Handgun hunting is really not at the top of the list, but there are the few minority that carry Glocks for hunting.
Most folks either love it or hate it.
So, according to Youtuber Braydon Price having a Glock 10mm was a good choice to have for his situation. He was able to take down a big whitetail buck with it. (See the video at 10:03)
For this situation, Braydon went with his Glock 40 since it was easier for him to pull it out from his chest holster with minimal noise.
Glock 40 in 10mm is probably one of the lesser-used calibers.
These are not popular amongst deer hunters when compared to the many other handgun hunting like a .357 Magnum.
Overall, it was a pretty good shot and the Glock 40 was very efficient in putting that big game down with a quick and clean kill.