Man Shoots Humongous 820 pound Hog

A while back there was a story of an Alabama man that shot this huge humongous hog from his porch.
This hog is huge, check out the pic.

At the time there was much bickering on whether or not the hog was wild. Not claiming that the man poached it or was claiming it wasn’t, it’s just that the public was curious.

As the story goes an Alabama man, Wade Seago shot it from his front porch with a revolver when he saw the hog near his porch and dog. Most people could careless about Wade’s rights to shoot the hog.

Soon come to find out that this hog was not wild.
Trisha Garcia of Samson, Alabama, came forward saying the huge, 820-pound hog may have been the one that escaped from her pen earlier in the week.

Here’s an excerpt from Alabama Outdoors coverage on the story:
“He had every right to kill it,” Garcia said according to Alabama Outdoors. “If a hog that size was in my front yard, I’d have done the same thing.”
Also according to Alabama Outdoors, Garcia’s husband, Freddy Garcia, raises hogs on a farm across the highway from the Seago property.
Freddy and a friend traded boar hogs for breeding purposes during the first week of July. The hog in question was delivered to the Garcia’s on July 6. The Garcia’s left for vacation on July 8 and were gone for a week.
Friends came by every day to feed the hogs while they were gone. On the morning of July 10, the caretakers noticed that the boar hog had dug out from under the fence and was gone.
“We were notified that our hog had escaped his pen on Monday,” Trisha said. “Then we saw on Facebook that Wade had shot a huge hog in his front yard. We didn’t know at the time it was ours.”

The huge hog Seago shot had no markings, ear tags or branding of any kind and had not been castrated. The hog also had 6-inch tushes. Trisha told that the hog pen is about a half mile from the Seago home.

Below are pictures of Garcia’s farm and the fence with the hole through it which they believe the hog had escaped from.

Feral hogs are a pain in the rear in many parts of south Alabama. And, every hunters know the damage they can cause. Wildlife officials encourage hunters in Alabama to remove one any chance they get.
Its an estimate of more than $800 million dollars in agriculture damage that hogs have caused per year.
However, these numbers are still speculations from Wildlife officials.