Are Soda Machines Bulletproof?

Could a soda machine stop a large-caliber bullet and save your life?
Another question to ponder with us plinkers that have nothing to do.
I’m sure most of us normal people don’t think of this but if there were a hail of bullets coming their way.
They probably would not think twice to get behind it for some cover.
Which brings us back to the question.
Again, Youtuber Edwin Sarikissian tries out some different calibers on a vending machine just to see if it is bulletproof.


  • .22 LR – no penetration
  • 9mm 140 grain FMJ – few penetrated but not through it.
  • .50AE – Desert Eagle Hollow Point – Penetrated the front surface but stuck inside the vending machine
  • .500 Magnum – Extreme Penetrators bullets – Penetrated the front surface but caught inside the vending machine
  • 5.56 AR – Penetrated the front surface and lost inside the vending machine
  • .50 Cal – Armor Piercing Rounds – Penetrated the front surface and almost getting to the other side of wall, but did not penetrate all the way through

Very impressive, taking cover behind a vending machine is a good thing.
This metal box stood up to .500 Magnum and the powerful .50 Caliber incendiary round.

The machine held up against everything with nothing in it!
With a fully stock machine it would make it even be more bulletproof.
Though snacks and drinks are considered not good for you, at least the machine can save your life from a bullet.
There you have it another plinking test to rack up for gee whiz things to talk about at your next round table meeting.
Be Safe!