Repeating Rifles

Is it good for Hunting?

Do you hunt with action lever rifles? (repeaters) There was a period when lever action rifles were completely out of the picture for hunting.
Thanks to companies like Marlin, Henry and Winchester as they still make these fine repeating rifles. Its amazing to see in this heavy marketed AR-platform and bolt action world that the repeating firearms are making a comeback.

Veteran hunters may be the ones influencing the newer generation of hunters.
Maybe, the newbies are out there looking to be like John Wayne.
Good thing this isn’t a faddish thing because hunting deer are mostly at close to mid range.
From these ranges whats needed is accuracy and maneuverability, which the lever action rifle fits the bill. These repeating rifles are great for spot-n-stalk hunts and brush hunt.

Winchesters and Henry’s are the leading lever action rifle manufactures have been refining these guns and broadening their range of calibers. Obviously, ammo manufactures have joined the band wagon in developing lever specific ammo that have more power and accuracy. So what are some good repeating rifles for hunting? Take a look of these:

  • Marlin 1894 .44 Mag
    Its handy size is punctuated by a quick-pointing, straight-grip stock design and Old West-styled, adjustable semi-buckhorn sights.
    Excellent deer rifle/cartridge combination out to 100 yards. Also a good for hogs and black bear too.
  • Henry Big Boy All Weather .44 Mag/SPL
    If you want a rough and tough gun that can handle the harsh conditions. Another plus with this rifle is that it loads quickly with no jams compared to other .30-30 models. This is the ideal rifle for brush hunting.
  • Henry Long Range .308
    The Browning .308 is a good rifle when it came out. Henry firearms came out with its own and is as reliable and accurate at long range as the Browning. Caution when you shoot this, you may not want to put it down. The rifle is amazingly light for its caliber, the recoil was manageable and the geared action kept the chambering and extraction smooth.
  • Henry Color Case Hardened .30-30
    This may be a good starter to get, the fit and finish can withstand generations of wear and tear.
  • Winchester Model 1873
    Definitely, a vintage gun, some folks do take this out for some pheasants hunt.

So, are repeaters just for cowboys?

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