KynShot Corporation

2100 Old Union Road
Buffalo, NY 14227 USA

At KYNTEC Corporation, we recognized the demand for a better recoil solution and launched the KynSHOT™ brand to improve user experience and proficiency with AR platforms, shotguns, and the Modern Sporting Rifles. What started as a single AR-15 Carbine buffer has grown to include models for shotguns, multiple platforms, gas systems, and applications and has become the industry standard in buffer technologies. KynSHOT™ recoil buffers are proudly designed and manufactured in the USA. With a talented team, comprised of the industry’s leading energy absorption and motion control specialists, KynSHOT™ is dedicated to finding the right, off-the-shelf or custom, hydraulic recoil mitigation solution for you. Gun buffers aside, the niche specialty of KYNTEC Corporation truly lies in our capability to design, develop, and manufacturer custom engineered shock absorbers, rate controls, and other motion control products with short lead times.