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anTi X Action
Weighing as little as 22oz.
As Defiance continues to innovate and find new ways to better serve our customers, we have pushed the envelope again. The anTi X is an ultra-lightweight action with integral scope mounts and recoil lug that shares the same guaranteed head-space measurement as our Ruckus, Tenacity, and anTi custom precision rifle actions. Using pre-hardened 416R stainless for the receiver and a 4340 chrome moly bolt, gives customers the smoothness, reliability and longevity that they have come to expect from Defiance.

Innovative weight reduction. Premium Materials. No compromises.

anTi Action
Weighing as little as 21oz.
If you watch your scales as closely as you watch your targets, check out the Defiance anTi action—a minimalist take on Defiance’s legendary precision actions. Weighing under 21oz. it still carries the same guaranteed headspace as the Ruckus or Tenacity with integral lug. Pre-hardened aircraft-grade 416 stainless steel receiver, paired with a chrome moly bolt. Featherweight. No compromises.

Defiance quality and dependability – Now with Guaranteed Headspace
Innovation and process advancement have led to the birth of the Ruckus bolt action. Sharing many of the same features of the Deviant, such as integral scope bases and recoil lug, but with a new bolt design that affords ever-tighter tolerances and a lower price tag.

Defiance’s Superior Quality at a Great Value – starting at $885
As Defiance has grown it has gained more equipment and more abilities. The already popular Tenacity has been updated with these advances to now come standard with an integral recoil lug. With the integral recoil lug and precision machined bolt the Tenacity guarantees a headspace tolerance of +/- .001″ action to action.

Since some shooters and hunters don’t always need custom options, Defiance has introduced a well-designed, precision rifle action at a great value. The Tenacity is machined from the same steels and to the same tolerances as the Rebel and Deviant. Limited options (see below), but a versatile design that delivers either on the range or deep in the wilderness.

Each Tenacity action includes either a 20 MOA stainless steel Picatinny scope rail, or a pair of Talley Manufacturing one-piece Lightweight Alloy Scope Mounts. It’s your choice!