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AR15 accessory | Deflector Brake | Shooting Safety The Deflector Brake is new AR15 accessory; it reduces unpredictable ricochet of hot brass off barriers, walls, friends, etc; it virtually eliminates brass burns; protects expensive paint/coatings; minimizes damage to brass casings which increases the reliability and efficiency of re-loading. www.deflectorbrake.com

Havoc Tactical Solutions is a 100% service-disabled veteran-owned and operated small business that develops and manufactures simple and effective firearm accessories inspired by a ton of range time and experience. For the last 5 years we have been conducting R&D on simple but highly effective multi-use-disposable rifle parts. These include the patented Deflector Brake which has over 1000 reviews and is on the top 100 Best Seller list for Gun Parts on Amazon almost daily and selling over 1000 units a month. We are also the developers and manufacturers of AR Charging Glass (ARCG) and we recently launched the foam Peel and Stick Jaw Bumper Cheek Weld Pad. A Peel and Stick AR Buttstock Pad is coming soon. We are a partner with and dealer for Lucas Oil Outdoor Line Products and have other new products and materials we are excited to introduce to the industry. Our product line and sales are growing and we are happy to be able to participate in events like this to work towards becoming a household brand name in the shooting sports industry.