Is Keanu Reeves Really a Badass at Shooting?

Watching gunfights in the movies is very entertaining and fun.
Though we know Hollywood is fame for its theatrics and cool gunfight choreographs. Keanu Reeves is one actor that does a great job of keeping it real with precision and speed.

For the upcoming movie of John Wick: Chapter 2, actor Keanu Reeves beefed up his training from Taran Butler of Taran Tactical Training. Keanu puts in some trigger time in a fast pace fashion. He dedicated himself to three times a week of practical gunfighting shooting similar to what you see in 3 Gun Nation. Perfection at its finest, for you 3GN fans is Keanu Reeves shooting worthy?, let us know below in the comment.

Video Transcription
Taran Tactical Training

Taran: People want realism, they want the real deal, and that’s what’s happening with John Wick Chapter 2. [shooting]

It is setting the bar so far beyond any shootout stuff you’ll ever see in a movie. It’ll blow your mind.

JJ Perry: When I got a call from the director, saying ‘what can I do to make two better?’ I said, ‘well, we have to make Keyanu Reeves better’, and the only way to do that is to train him harder. As soon as I met Taran I saw him shoot and I was like, ‘this is our guy’.

Rochelle: When it comes to actors, Taran can deliberate his actions, when he can watch someone do one run, and he can pinpoint every problem that you have, and he can relate it so simply that it is ingrained quick.

JJ: We brought Keyanu out here three times a week, and his growth with gunplay, it was almost exponential. Every other time he would come here.

Taran: He got really good over a period of five or six training sessions, and he is hands-down the best weapons actor out there right now.

JJ: And I attribute that directly to Taran Butler’s skills as an instructor.

“Six nine two!”

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