Introducing the new Helium and Combat hang-ons from HAWK

HawkHAWK Redefines Solid One-Piece Platform & Luxury Comfort For Treestands

Hang-On TreesStands Built With Quality, Safety and Performance.

December 18, 2013. Vassar, MI. HAWK unveils their two all-new lines of quality hang-on treestands with rock-solid stability and luxury comfort. HAWK’S Helium (Aluminum) and Combat (Steel) Hang-On Tree Stand Series hit the market with designed features and value catapulting them directly into the heat of the competition.

HAWK considers detail, even down to the nuts, bolts and washers, when designing products. This is evident by looking at the little yet differentiating features of both the Helium and Combat Series.   Safety is at the forefront of all the products HAWK designs., This is evident in their larger than average, Heavy-Duty Platform Cables, Extruded Tree Digger® Teeth Cam-Action Strap and durable textured powder-coating. HAWK’s Stands also include a full TMA certified full body Safety Harness.

Just looking at our stands, they have a professional “tactical” look and the quality is evident, even when you look close. All of our platforms have oversized-gripping mesh that is welded at all points to the support frame. This creates an incredibly solid, one-piece platform that the hunter can count on to be noise-free,” says HAWK President Scott Lee. “All of our detailed design work has focused on safety-stability and silence when hunting and the best comfort possible.”
HAWK defies the typical standard foam treestand seat cushion and have included the Ultimate Comfort of Real MEMORY FOAM.   The 3” thick layered seats with Memory Foam are made of four different density layers for ultimate cushioning and support.  These layers of cushion form to your body and relieve pressure points making every sit in the stand much more enjoyable and relaxing. HAWK also offers stands with Mesh-Comfort® and Mesh-Comfort® Lounger seats which also provide stress-free, relaxing comfort.

Back to silent use, Rob Butcher, Chief Engineer for HAWK states, “We separate any metal-to-metal contact, not just with standard plastic washers which can still make noise in different weather conditions, but with premium self-lubricating Delrin® bushings and washers which insure the quietest performance. We also enhanced other elements, for example, our exclusive Silent-Overmolded Treestrap Hook which is rubber coated to be clank free.”

HAWK’S Helium Hang-On Series consists of the: 10 lb. Helium and 12 lb. Helium XL. HAWK’S Combat Hang-On Series features: The standard size Combat and then the Mega Combat and Mega Combat Lounger with large 24x30inch platforms.

HAWK’s Helium and Combat Series of Hang-On stands will be available at major sporting goods retailers in 2014.
HAWK is a hunter-driven company committed to ruggedly designed outdoor gear. Never satisfied and refusing to settle, our passion is bringing superior design, quality and performance to products that all hunters can enjoy. Like refining a strategy in the woods, it’s all about evolving.

For more information on the new Helium and Combat series, and all of HAWK’s new products, go to, email, or stop by booth 3055 at ATA Show.

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