Increase your Handgun Training with NLP


There are many methods of mental training for increasing your skill in sport shooting. Many methods are based off of being able to internally observe yourself when performing the task of shooting, and analyze what you can do to improve. The purpose of this post is to provide some unique approaches that was used by Tony Robbins NLP (Nuero Linguistic Programming) in the past to help U.S. Army soldiers pass their pistol shooting exam.

There’s a saying that before you fire that first shot, you have already fired that shot 1,000 times in your head. Combining training and physical training helps increase your gross and fine motor skills performance. But, there’s more to it than just visualizing that you have the perfect sight alignment, controlling your breathing, to dry firing the weapon.

When Tony Robbins was contracted to teach the Army, Tony observed that the Army pistol coaches were good at what they do. But, they knew little or nothing about the “effects of internal performance”. Better yet, how to model the strategies of the best shooters.

So prior to teaching the Army soldiers, Tony Robbins talked to the best shooters. He was finding out specifically what they did in their minds and physically to achieve effective and accurate shooting. Tony took their common beliefs, mental syntax and shooting strategies and replicated it for teaching purposes. The syntax is important because it is the result of hundreds to thousands of shots that shaped their techniques.

The discovery of key beliefs that some of the best shooters in the world shared, and contrasted that with the belief of the soldiers who had not shot effectively. So basically the syntax that was taught were the thoughts, feelings, and actions of the best shooters.

The result of this approach was a big success. There was 100 percent trainees qualified, and the identified shooters that were experts shot three times higher.

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