Ladies Body Band Holster

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By Deep Conceal

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Deep Conceal Lotus for Ladies Body Band Holster
The LOTUS Holster by Deep Conceal. Available at

Our friends at Deep Conceal enjoyed much success with their double strap body band style under the shirt concealment holster. But let’s face it, the gals are just built a bit differently than the gents! So, Deep Conceal has custom fit their new Lotus holster just for the ladies, and like other Deep Conceal body-band holsters, the Lotus is rugged but lightweight, sturdy enough to carry even large-frame firearms and a great alternative over traditional shoulder holsters.

The NEW Lotus for Ladies concealed carry holster harness w/holster is designed especially for women. For the modesty of the model, it is being shown worn over the shirt but it is made to be worn next to the skin. The cut of the harness contours to a woman’s shape. It has smaller, 1-inch webbing, adjustable front and back slides and a 3-inch elastic insert in the back to create a smooth and comfortable fit. The holster pocket is sewn on with a moisture-wicking material between the fabric layers to prevent perspiration issues. There is also a single magazine pocket sewn into the opposite side. Measurement for the Lotus is based on your bra band size not the cup size.

This Lotus holster allows you to carry most large-frame pistols comfortably under one arm, and because the holster is at chest level, you can just as easily access your firearm whether you are sitting or standing.


• Available in white or black

• Available in either right- or left-hand fit

• Soft shoulder holster with reinforced fitted back panel

• Two holster sizes – small (3.5 to 5.5 inches overall gun length) and medium (4 to 7 inches overall gun length)

• Includes single mag pouch pocket

• Incredible Comfort

• Complete Concealment

• Adjustable

• Made in the USA

• Free shipping for a limited time (due to high demand, delivery time can take up to six or seven weeks).

• This is a crossdraw holster design so for right-handed shooters, the holster is situated on the left side of the body, for left-handed shooters it’s on the right.

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