Gun Myth: Stance

Tom McHale of Springfield Armory questioned Rob Leatham about stances while shooting.
Many novices are confused with the stances that are taught such as: Isoceles, Weaver, Chapman and your own. What Rob explains and demonstrates has nothing to do with the stance that you use.
What really matters are:

  1. balance point
  2. ability to control the gun and recoil

The main thing to really understand and practice is your balance while shooting on rapidly. Rob explains there should be a slight forward lean while shooting, how much depends on what caliber you’re throwing down range.
Other key points are – your hands and arms need to be rigid and your body position has to be balance so that it can’t be pushed off center. Apply all of this while shooting. This is achieved (with a little practice) while leaning slightly forward while shooting.

Sources: Tom McHale, Rob Leatham, Andy van Loan, Springfield Armory Youtube

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