Graphics Queen Beth Harrison Moves On!

Crime scene TapeThe American Shooting Journal and Media Index Publishing in its entirety is mourning the loss of Beth Harrison, our production manager and graphics queen.

Crime Scene 4

Harrison committed job suicide and will now join those who have gone on to get married and move away from their beloved job and comrades with complete disregard for the wake of destruction that will befall the organization.

“I guess the needs of a few outweigh the needs of thousands of readers, fans, writers, advertisers and teammates,” says one co-worker whom we will call DB.

Crime Scene 3Another coworker, who wishes to remain anonymous, stated, “She will be sorely missed, but she doesn’t care [sniff] … I never thought it could happen to us; we will somehow figure out how to rebuild …”

And then they collapsed with grief.

“This is just total !$@#$% @$ @$% @$@ &#& ^@#^#%^!!!!” said a  fellow employee, who did actually wish to be identified, one Andy Walgamott. “@#$% @!%$@!”

“I mean, @#%$@%$@!!!! Wait, you’re not quoting me, are you? She’s not going to read this, is she? @#$%@$! … What I mean to say is, we’ll miss her, of course — but as soon as she’s out the door, I’m tracking everything to negative 40.”

There are rumors that a cupcake party will be thrown in an effort to quell the grief-stricken group, and there are high hopes that Harrison will choose to join them, this one last time. -ASJ

Crime Scene 1

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