Glock G30S Gun Review

Glock G30S is a fascinating piece of handgun. As always Glock uniquely integrated this polymer plastic for durability, ruggedness, and concealment. Unique findings of Glock G30S:

  • Available in Gen 3 and future Gen 4
  • Older magazine compatible with the G30 & G21 – can use the G21 as backup magazines
  • Teaming the light G36 slide to the G30SF frame – G36 slide is 5.5 ounces less – Recoil is Snappy be Warned!
  • Ejector block is different than normal design for the SF
  • Magazine capacity for the 30S is 10 rounds, and the frame is relieved to handle the oversize base plate of the standard magazine
  • Accurate for a Shorty

As a primary carry gun, the G30S is going to fulfill all the desires of any Glock followers and law enforcement, it will be nearly indestructible and ultimately reliable right out of the box.


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