Gen3 Glock20SF Goes Wrong while Testing against Level IIIA Plate

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Jeremy S Youtuber was out testing his Gen3 Glock20SF 10mm using the Underwood Ammo Xtreme Penetrator round against a Level IIIA plate used in a bullet proof vest, to see if the round would go through. Here’s what happened:

After squeezing the trigger BLAM! The shot was loud and debris peppered his face. There was a stinging feeling in his shooting hand. Once it registered in his brain what had happened he looked at the pistol. Sees the right side of his Gen3 Glock20SF frame had blown out, mag release missing.

Obviously, there were some flowery words that followed after the shot. Jeremy wished that he wore gloves while shooting but good thing he did have eye protection on.

Excerpt from Youtube
After investigating it as thoroughly as possible, it does appear to have been ammo-caused.

Could have been an overcharged round, could have been a loose bullet that got shoved down into the case when chambered [EDIT: Underwood examined the ammo and this is exactly what happened!], etc., but it was almost certainly something that was “off” with the ammo.

That said, I still have great respect for *and* trust in Underwood Ammo. I’ve shot hundreds of their rounds, including through this very gun, and have had zero issues whatsoever. They have an extremely good reputation, and for good reason.

In fact, this may be the first ammo-caused problem I’ve heard of with somebody shooting Underwood. Not only that, but their customer service was *GREAT* and they stood behind this and are replacing everything that was damaged. They made the process very easy and were responsive, gracious, and apologetic.

Additionally, this sort of incident has happened with every major ammo manufacturer…Winchester, Federal, Remington, PMC, etc etc etc…if you make enough ammo a couple bum rounds are going to get out there.

It’s an inherent risk we all take as shooters. What with holding a little explosion in our hands and all. Mechanical devices fail. I will continue to shoot Underwood and feel confident in it.

Sources: JeremyS Youtube, Glock

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