Detecting Concealed Carry Weapon

How can you tell if a person is carrying a weapon on them? Will you be able to see any signals or body language that show signs of carrying a firearm? Experts from the FBI says that you can learn to use the power of observation. This may be the best self defense tool against detecting concealed carry weapons.

Observing your environment that you continually travel day in and out and taking note of people can help increase your observation skills. Besides from having X-Ray vision, reading body language knowing the base line can help you in the long run. Reading body language is a subset of “observation” skill-set that can be developed, and it gets better with age.cover-weapon

Seeing how people dress during the seasons gives you insights to the base of what a normal attire is during summer compared to winter. A person that is overly dressed during the summer can raise flags as to what is underneath the garment.

Getting More InDepth

Here are some basics to look for if someone is concealing a firearm. Observe how people walk, everyone has their own signature walk down the runway. But, when someone is covering a firearm, you can usually tell by:

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  • body stature gaitA Person at times will touch the outer surface of their clothing to readjust on the Bulge of the clothing
  • body stature gaitA slightly clipped arm swing may also signal a hidden gun: the forearm on the gun side will tend to stay close to the body, instictively guarding the weapon. is not upright, sort of limp to the side
  • torso shift awayWhen approached from the front, a person with a Hidden gun will instinctively turn the gun side of his body away from the person approaching. away when approached from the front

  • Everybody has a walk that signifies their personal body signature in motion. Knowing this and how it relates to when someone is carrying a concealed weapon can give you the edge.
    – Personal signature


Be Aware

Again, be aware of where you are at and what you’re doing. Observing normal operation of where you attend to on daily can heighten your awareness.  This is not about being paranoid, but cautious when you leave your safe haven (home). Know and mentally pre-plan your exit route.

More Tips
Here are more tips to enhance your observation skills from Law Enforcement experts.
Try to determine a person’s strong side, things to watch for:
  • wrist watches are usually worn in the weak hand
  • first steps are taken with the weak leg
  • use of the strong hand for every day activities like holding a cigarette, moving objects
  • if you had to guess, then 85% to 90% in the world are right handed

Most Handguns are Carried at:

  • tucked into the right front waistband between the navel and hip
  • second most common place is at the small of the back

Armed While on the Move:

  • watch for the “security” feel to reassure the weapon is there
  • body stature gaitSimilar to the above, but using their upper torso to hide their weapon side. – similar the above but with their body to protect the weapon side.
Note – The images are from “Megan Jaegarman” Infographic

Detecting Concealed Carry Weapon – Radar

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