Diamond D Custom Leather

We have been in business for nearly 25 years in the state of Alaska, owned and operated by David Johnston.  All of our products are hand made by our great team of 12 invaluable employees at our leather shop in Wasilla, Alaska.  Our leather comes from Hermann Oak Leather in St. Louis, MO and we have found it to be the finest available on the market.  All of our other parts and pieces are the highest quality, up to military-grade quality and strength.

We all work tirelessly, making the highest quality products for our customers and maintaining what we hope is the best customer service in the industry.

We have grown on those two principles of quality and customer service, and it has brought us to where we are today: producing the best product with the best people, and never forgetting that our customers are the reason we are here.

All of our products are hand made by us in Alaska, and we take great pride in sending out the best quality products, MADE IN AMERICA.

Full Page Alaska Shooting Journal AdOur top selling product in The Guide’s Choice™ Chest Holster.  As you will soon find out when wearing it, it is designed for comfort and practicality. We truly believe this is the ULTIMATE outdoor holster, and that is why Dave was the first to create this style holster about 15 years ago.  No matter how heavy your firearm, The Guide’s Choice™ Chest Holster will carry it firmly on your chest where you can have quick, easy access, and at the same time so comfortable that you barely know it is there.  At the end of the day that means you will wear it, use it, and the holster will help protect those wearing it from unwanted predators.  We make The Guide’s Choice™ Chest Holster for the most popular revolvers and semi-autos where each holster is specifically hand-shaped, gun and barrel length specific. It is not a one size fits all, but custom for each gun, making it a better fit.

Simple, comfortable, easy to adjust, and very versatile.  You will get maximum handgun accessibility, while not interfering with your clothing and gear.  No matter if you are hiking, hunting, fishing, flying, driving a boat, or even bow hunting…The Guide’s Choice™ Chest Holster will be there. 

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