Deer Rifles

Your grandfather or maybe great granddaddy’s generation was introduced to some of the best deer hunting rifles ever made.

These classic deer rifles have a blend of form and functionality. The power and reliability of rifles like the Winchester Model 70 or the German-made Mauser M98 are hard to beat even by today’s standards. If you ever had a chance to handle one through the woods and taken down your game, you’ll understand what we mean. (more to it than reading about it)
These rifles are quite simply the best hunting guns ever put out on the market.

And if your grandpa owned one of these guns, and passed it down to you, consider yourself lucky. While these rifles may not all be worth a lot today, they’re still good to have around in case you decide to take down some game.
Have a look at these timeless classic deer rifles:
  • Winchester Model 70

    The Winchester Model 70 has bee a favorite of hunters and sport shooters since it was first introduced back in 1936.
    The original Model 70 had a Mauser-style extractor that allowed a reliable feed – a feature that’s important to big game hunters. Another key components of the Model 70 iis the 3-way wing tip safety and highly accurate. This rifle timeless design is just as effective now in the hands of deer hunters as it was when it was first released over 70 years ago.
  • Winchester Model 1894

    This rifle is commonly referred to as the Model 94 and is one of the most popular deer hunting rifles of all time.
    Historians also called it, “The Ultimate Lever Action Gun.”
    This rifle was light, comfortable, fast-shooting and very effective at short distances. Though, this rifle is not an ideal fit for all deer hunters, with some serious loads. This rifle can still be a powerful weapon for those who chase game in dense forests.
  • Mauser Model 98

    The German-made Mauser Model 98 was an awesome bolt-action rifle on the battlefields of WWI and WWII. American soldiers who fired captured Mauser M98’s quickly realized the rifle’s accuracy and reliability meant it was worth having for hunting.
    When we talk about durability and reliability, this rifle can sure take a beating and shoot straight in just about any condition.
  • Marlin Model 336

    The 336 is one of the most reliable and accurate lever-action sporting rifles ever made. Since its introduction in 1948, more than 6 million Model 336’s have been produced.
    The rifle has been chambered in many variations, but it’s most commonly chambered for .30-30 Winchester and .35 Remington cartridges. The 336 is still the go-to rifle for many hardcore whitetail hunters.
  • Savage Model 99

    This rifle is considered a classic deer hunting rifle since its released in 1899. This lever-action rifle had amazing long-range accuracy, form and functionality. The Model 99 was chambered for the .250/3000 Savage cartridge.