Congrats to Joan-Stewart Ponath and Scott Blevins for best reader photos in June!

We ammomug-adare pleased to announce that Western Shooting Journal readers Joan Stewart-Ponath and Scott Blevins submitted the best reader photos for our June issue, and will receive an AmmOmug of their choice, courtesy of AmmOmug! They dressed up like Bonnie and Clyde. If you’d like to be considered for this award, email your best reader photo(s) with your gun to  Now accepting photos for the August issue.

Reader photos18-joanscott Reader photos16-joanscott Reader photos17-joanscott

Scott Blevins and Joan Stewart-Ponath got together in the Arizona desert and had a blast taking these photos as Bonnie and Clyde. Scott Blevins is a farmer in Southwest Arizona and a big advocate for gun rights. A native of Arizona Scott has always had the attitude that you can work hard and play hard. Scott rarely carried his guns to work in the past until he witnessed a drug load cross on his property three years ago. The importance of carrying a weapon while working helps keep his mind at ease knowing the drug cartels run rampet in the local area. Bikini Fitness Competitor Joan Stewart-Ponath is very passionate about her home State of Arizona and the continually growing concern for border control issues and our Second Amendment.

Photos courtesy of Brian Rice

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