Check out this Crazy Russian Tactical Gun Shoot

Range safety is certainly not much of a thought in this shocking video.
Soldiers train while firing live ammunition at each other.

Witness this Russian tactical exercise that is nothing short of insane.
That’s a gun range training video like no other! These soldiers are actually firing live ammunition at each other.

Gun safety is thrown out the window in this action packed video. These guys are taking “train as you fight” just a little too far, don’t you think?
On the other side of the coin for those that have been exposed to this type of training may see this as just another level of confidence in regards to gun safety. I can attest for this while with a member of a QRF (Quick Reaction Force) team stationed in Korea many moons ago. We were fortunate to have a joint training with the Korean Anti-Terrorist team. During the live fire drill in the shoot house, they were shooting at targets where there were live people standing, sitting next to dummy targets.

Is this for the local target shooter out at the range, hell no. (Lawsuits) This is only for the few at the elite organizations where their gun safety and proficiency is at the highest level.

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