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[su_dropcap style=”flat” size=”5″]A[/su_dropcap]lthough organizations are recognized (and occasionally honored) for manufacturing the products they market and sell, it’s really the the people who own, manage and work at those companies who have the passion and skill to make those products truly great on a daily basis.

As the market for ARs and AR parts continues to grow, companies staffed by people who love firearms continue to make their way to the outdoor industry, and the team at Spinta Precision is no different.

Spinta Precision was formed three years ago as a sister company under the corporate umbrella of S.H Industries, a manufacturer of high-performance automotive products.

Fluted barrels before being chambered and crowned.
Fluted barrels before being chambered and crowned.

“We started off manufacturing forged wheels,” Spinta’s Sam Hong told us recently. “Most of our business came from private labeling and contract work for other wheel companies. I have a passion for cars, but even more so for guns. We eventually transitioned from forged wheels to AR15 barrels.”

Although the Spinta spinoff only produces products for the shooting sports, the company name is in homage to Hong’s “other” passion.

“My nickname on the racetrack used to be ‘Boost,’” Hong said. “I was the guy trying to squeeze every p.s.i out of my turbos with a boost controller. I have a soft spot for a 1987 Buick Grand National, early ’90s 300ZX twin turbo and Italian cars. The name Spinta comes from the word ‘boost’ in Italian.”

The first product offering under the Spinta banner was a 264 LBC barrel.

Two of Spinta’s popular 9mm products side by side: a 8-inch spiral fluted barrel (left) alongside a 4.5-inch model.
Two of Spinta’s popular 9mm products side by side: a 8-inch spiral fluted barrel (left) alongside a 4.5-inch model.

“We wanted to offer an affordable solution to our customers who wanted to shoot 6.5 Grendel,” Hong related. “Our next project was to offer an affordable solution to building a 9mm AR.”

At Spinta, the product development cycle often begins outside of the corporate offices, and several parts currently in production began as customer requests via email or over the phone.

“We listen to our customers,” Hong said. “We have built a loyal customer base not only by offering a product but backing it with some of the best customer service you will find in the industry.”

The system seems to be working just fine. Spinta recently took delivery of new equipment and has doubled production. Even more impressive is that the company is succeeding in California, a state not known for its support of the gun industry.

“We call this state Commiefornia because of the ridiculous laws,” Hong related. “We have thought about moving out of state multiple times, but with Californians losing their gun rights every year, we don’t want to abandon ship.”

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