BIPOD Shooting Sticks: The one set of sticks that does it all

BipodWhen your hunt calls for lightweight versatility turn to BIPOD Shooting Sticks for the solution.

Use in all positions Standing, Sitting, Kneeling, or Prone. Works with Rifle, Handgun, Shotgun, Crossbow or Bow.
Helps stabilize spotting scopes and video cameras. The most versatile shooting sticks you will find.

So uniquely different that you are encouraged to watch the video of how it’s used at

From the Bench to the Bush always take your best shot with BIPOD Shooting Sticks and remember “if you can’t make the shot don’t take the shot”.

Shipping worldwide / MSRP $39.95 / Wholesaler and distributor programs available.  From the Bench to the Bush – – 864-375-9999 –
Made in the USA

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