Best 2018 Handguns for Women

Shotshow 2018 has just passed and there were some really good looking subcompact guns that will be a big hit for the female CCW.
There were three handguns that stood out at Shotshow 2018
for women and they are:

  • Walter PPQ SC

    With its three dot combat sights this gun can shoot rapidly and quick target acquisition. Low profile won’t snag on clothing.
    The grip has a tactile feel, means a great feel. The 5.6 lb trigger will help with increase accuracy. Trigger also the quick reset.
  • Kimber AEGIS 1911

    This 9mm pistol that combines the real-world advantages of a 1911 in a platform with a smaller grip.
    Light weight, compact and absolutely reliable.
    The trigger breaks clean at 4-5 pounds for accurate shooting.
  • Springfield Armory 911

    This may be the perfect pistol for your “Everyday Carry”. Lightweight aluminum frame measures at 5.5 inches long and 4 inches high makes it undetectable underneath your clothing.
    The trigger is crisp and clean with almost no recoil which makes shooting this baby fun.
After hearing the testimonials, you can sense that the emphasis was all about providing a smaller frame gun for the smaller hand sizes. Plus some tweaks on recoil (reduced) and capacity.