Bad Day for a Boar

If you’re a hog in down under (Australia) you don’t want to run into these hunters armed with .375 and .416 Rigby rifles.
Just like in the United States, in the land under they have a huge population of feral hogs. Yes, it is a problem over there as well.
If you’re out hunting, there are chances you’ll run into hogs in the northern territory.
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So here is what went down with this poor hog.
These good folks were out hunting water buffalo, which is why they were armed with these bigger calibers. (.375 and .416 Rigby)
When they came upon this feral hog, they settled in creeping up on it. See what happens below.

I’m sure there were some edible meat left when it was it over.
Definitely, these hunters had enough fire power to make mince meat of these hogs. (no pun intended)
These hunters displayed excellent shooting skills as they were hitting these running hogs. That was no easy task.