Armed and Aging

Some of us grew up in the era of cinematic cowboys and were toting that BB gun before the first whisker sprouted on the chin. Years goes by your guns become .22 to hunt and plink then up the notch to shotguns and carrying multiple pistols.
Defending ourselves can be tough as we age. Having an equalizer is a good solution in case of an attack. Unfortunately, with age physical problems may come up but this can be overcome.
Here are some ideas to help older gunslinger deal with their issues.

  1. Use Powerful Handguns – that you can shoot quickly and accurately. Its good to be able to gun sling a powerful handgun when you’re young. As you get older it may be harder to handle that .357 Magnum or a .45 ACP. So you might want to take a step down to a 9mm, .38 Special, .380 ACP or even a .22LR.

    Theres no disgrace in this solution. The point is you gotta have an equalizer of some sort. With a lower caliber shot placement will be an important thing to work on.
  2. Carry Positions – Most people carry defensively on their strong-side hip, just behind the hip bone. In order to draw the pistol your shoulder has to move up and back and do it quickly. With age our joint loses mobility. So its best to choose a different carry position. Try the appendix carry or if your pistol is small enough, pocket it. CCBreakaway offers pocket carry with their jeans. Both carry methods allow for quick pistol presentation.
  3. Eyes Going Bad – Sadly theres no way around this but to get glasses with bifocals. If you’re adamant about not wearing glasses then get back to perfecting that “point shooting”. It is about good shot placement to the torso but its not surgical shots like a double tap to the head that you have to be concern with.
  4. Hands & Forearms getting Weak – With arthritis creeping on us as we age. This can be bothersome when we work the slide on an auto pistol. Its been said that most people that work the slide do it with their arms extended. A better leverage position is to work it closer to your body (chest) with the muzzle pointed downrange.
    If for some that are dealing with issues that make them too weak to run the auto slide. Consider switching to a double-action revolver. Working the revolver requires less muscle strength.
  5. Exercise – with an emphasis on mobility. Before you try any exercise classes be sure to consult with your doctor. Yoga class is not a trend, it has been around for centuries. Try it, it is a great way to increase your agility and mobility no matter your age.

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As we get older, yes strength and speed progressively deteriorates. But skills like shooting and awareness (self-defense purpose) exercise can still be maintained.

Story inspired by Jim Wilson revised by ASJ