AR-15 Memes to Drive Anti-Gunners Crazy

Love them or hate them, AR-15-style rifles are here to stay.
Many praises and curses have been formed into memes for the famous AR-15. Check out these top 13 AR-15 memes that you’ll love to hate.

13. Arts and crafts was never this fun…

12. Blasphemy! How dare you, sir!

11. Sadly, there are uneducated anti-gunners who think memes like this are real the AR-15 has the capabilities of the Death Star. Dream on, pea brains.

This meme certainly shows their way of backward thoughts…

10. The Ruger Mini-14 rifle will shoot the same ammunition, same quickness and with the same capacity magazines as the “scary” AR-15 rifle.

I guess the old saying “if looks could kill” goes a long way when it’s a scary non-wood stocked rifle to some folks. Woo scary…

9. Hunt with what you are comfortable with. There is room for everyone’s preferences on hunting implements.

8. That just can’t be closer to the truth. I’ll live on bread and water if it means I get a great deal on ammo.

7. Please supersize me. Merica’!

6. This public service announcement comes courtesy from Mr. Gump himself.

5. Once again, the AK troll strikes again. Easy boys and girls, there is room for everyone. All guns are cool.

4. So very true. Attacking armed thugs are a lot harder to dispatch than a whitetail deer and more heavily armed. Take note.

3. Ban hammers, kitchen knives, baseball bats, ice picks, cars, trucks, fertilizer, letter openers, screw drivers, etc…they all kill on a regular basis…

2. Ouch. Shoot what you can reliably hit with and what fits the application the best.

1. Well you just have to be tacti-cool right?

We all have our preferences of what we personally enjoy shooting and collecting. Some folks might be a die hard AR rifle enthusiasts while others love the look and feel of the vintage wood stocked bolt action hunting or military long guns.

What we all share is the love for the shooting sports and guns. I personally like anything that shoots.

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