Alan Korwin: Both sides in the gun rights battle think they’re losing

Alan KorwinState of Affairs in Gun Rights Battle —

Us: 1,  Them: 1

Both sides think they’re losing.

–The anti-rights people see permits now available in all 50 states (Illinois was the 50th, Wisconsin 49th, all Americans have at least some ability to discreetly or openly carry dangerously loaded firearms in public). This is horrible, a terrible loss, as they see it.

–Every effort to enact national so-called “universal background checks” has failed because of the “powerful gun lobby.” The fact that it is because the bills have been for universal gun registration, not background checks, and freedom’s fight by the civil-rights group they refer to, the NRA, is part of the reason, doesn’t play into their twisted thinking.

–The Koch brothers’ money spoils everything, and it’s everywhere. The fact that George Soros and Michael Bloomberg and Hollywood and a ton of others outspend conservatives tremendously doesn’t figure into the calculus, but that’s OK, the left still figures they’re losing at every turn.

–The EPA, OSHA, the Forest Service, National Parks and Wildlife and the CDC have all been short stopped from banning lead, an end-run attempt to ban ammunition. It seems like nothing they try works in the effort to disarm the American public, the unspoken but holy grail goal of the gun-hating, hoplophobic anti-rights movement led by Schumer, Feinstein, Boxer, Bloomberg and the entire Democrat leadership.

Then there’s the other side, us.

–The pro-rights Second Amendment supporters are convinced it’s an uphill battle with our rights hanging by a thread, which is not an unrealistic view.

–The money being spent against us is ginormous, like $1 billion for an anti-gun study group with scores of tenured researchers at Johns Hopkins University whose job it is to concoct studies that say guns are bad and should be removed from society. A thoroughly corrupt media will parrot results without any journalistic effort or balance. A dumbed-down public that can no longer think or reason on their own will swallow it, thanks to a government education system that doesn’t educate.

–The Firearms Freedom Act, that would finally unravel congressional Commerce-Clause abuse and judicial complicity, is stuck in limbo in a court system run by the most abusive Attorney General the nation has ever known, who is now in Contempt of Congress. Yet he remains in office, refusing to meaningfully investigate IRS corruption, NSA domestic spying, massive ATF gun running to foreign drug lords, presidential supra-legal activity, need I go on.

–The battle for gun rights, now frozen at the national level, has been cleverly shifted to the states, where 10% of the states (NY, CA, CO, CT, NJ) have incrementally obliterated rights at the local level, leading to massive civil disobedience, putting hundreds of thousands of innocent Americans at risk of arrest for possession of contraband that a few days ago was legally owned property. Politician perpetrators of the unconstitutional ex post facto criminal syndicate schemes remain at large, with no indictments even pending.

–The very man in the White House, sworn to uphold the Constitution, is its main infringer, using undelegated power when Congress refuses to act, and Congress refuses to impeach or even censure him for his actions beyond his delegated authority. He issues a call for “A national safe and responsible gun ownership campaign,” which means millions of dollars we don’t have, spent on advertising to unload and lock up firearms, because to him, guns are OK as long as they don’t work. Meanwhile, schools are black holes of ignorance on firearms education, and expel kids if they eat a toaster cake the wrong way, because it might look like a gun.

So, don’t feel so bad.
They think they’re losing.
And we’re all armed.

Bottom line: The struggle for freedom is a struggle — it does not end.
The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

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