A-10 Warthog Pilots giving a Little Pick me up Flyby

If you’re a grunt and seeing an A-10 Warthog flying over your head its a pretty awesome feeling. When a grunt is in trouble, then it is a bless full sight.

In this sighting its a nice day in whatever Star Wars desert town basically in the middle of nowhere that these grunts had to patrol. This day no guns blazing, no bombs going off and this day things were chill.

If that wasn’t enough, these grunts got treated to not one, but two Sic A-10 flybys. One went right up to them, banking very low over their position. The other was from further in the distance but did a nice dip before pulling out. Would have been nice to see some chaff flares deploying as the Warthogs do their pull out. Ok, we’ll settle for the bad ass show!

Sources: A Kaiser Youtube, Front Line Video Facebook
Photo by Kevin Merriweather

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