5 Self Defense Handguns for Women

Not just for women but preferred by women

Want to know which handguns women choose when they’re looking for a self-defense weapon? According to NSSF (National Shooting Sports Foundation) these are the five of the most popular handguns purchased by women for their size, weight, fit and ease of use.

Whether for concealed carry or the bedside table drawer, all of these are great, reliable options that you can count on in case of emergency.

Here are the 5 Self Defense Handguns for Women

  • Good compromise between small and large enough for people to shoot it well.
  • Designed for concealed carry
    Designed for concealed carry
  • Easy to hold & reduce recoil
    Easy to hold & reduce recoil.
  • Slim & Compact
    Slim & Compact
  • For the 1911 fan but smaller for self defense
    For the 1911 fan but smaller for Self Defense.

Would you go with one of these picks? What else would you add?
Let us know below.

Sources: NSSF, Outdoor, WideOpen Facebook

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