4D Reamer Rentals – Supplier of Savage Barrels

Press Release: For Immediate Release.

4d-corner-logo-new4D Reamer Rentals Ltd. is a premium supplier of Savage pre-fit barrels to the shooting public. They offer barrels from multiple makers: Green Mountain, McGowen and Criterion.
GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAFred Zeglin of 4D Reamer Rentals LTD said, “There are many companies that sell Savage pre-fit barrels, but we have a huge advantage because we stock nearly 800 chamber reamers. This means that we offer a larger variety of chambers than any other company I know of. We buy blanks directly from the manufacturer, turn and thread them in the CNC shop and then handle the chambering and crown in house to ensure accuracy.”

Folsland_Schultz 163Savage pre-fit’s are a very popular accessory these days, and shooters have discovered that they can buy a Savage, Stevens or Marlin Axis bolt-action rifle and simply change out the barrel for any new caliber they want to try out.
This interchangeable barrel system makes for a very attractive set up for wildcatters and shooters in general who don’t feel the need to buy a gun for every caliber they shoot. Consequently, these shooter save a ton of money and try out new calibers for ballistics and accuracy almost at will.


4-dproducts  announced today that they have added nearly 100 reamers to their inventory this month. Increasing their ability to handle rental volume and are adding over a dozen new calibers to the possible list of chamberings for your Savage pre-fit barrel.
GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAZeglin went on to say, “We keep a small inventory of Green Mountain blanks in the most popular calibers. Special orders range from 5 weeks on up for delivery time. The length of the barrel and the twist rate are the main factors in delivery time from the barrel makers. We can normally tell you when you order just how long the barrel will take to manufacture.”
For more information about the wide range of tapers and twist rates that 4D offers visit them at 4-dproducts.com.


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