.44 Magnum Ammo

The iconic .44 Magnum cartridge will keep on trucking for a long time.
As time passes this cartridge just gets better and better like the Eveready battery.
The .44 Magnum was created when the late Elmer Keith needed more power from a revolver. With a load thats super hot, this cartridge can take down most big-game animal in the U.S.
With the advancements in technology, as the big-bore cartridge gets bigger, the .44 Magnum still holds its own as the caliber to go to for hunting. Here are some reasons why the .44 Magnum is a great ammo.

  • Knockdown Power & Accuracy
    In the early days, rifles chambered for the .44 Magnum cartridge produced poor accuracy.
    Modern day rifles such as the Henry Arms Big Boy Lever-Action Rifle in the .44 Magnum caliber have proven this false.
    For deer or hog if you use the .44 Magnum cartridge with a long barrel its a good combo of power and accuracy.
  • Modern Ammo more Powerful & Accurate
    If you find yourself hiking out in bear country or hunting other big game.
    Go with the .44 Magnum as there are many manufacturers trying to outdo each other. They are boning up on better ammunition for self-defense (hollow-point) and hunting loads (stronger meplat bullets).
    One example is a polymer-tipped cartridge from Hornady which offers better ballistics than soft-point or hollow-point design for deer hunting.
  • Many Options Available
    At the moment there are many options to choose from.
    Such as a Magnum Research Desert Eagle Mark XIX semi-automatic pistol, Magnum Research BFR, Ruger Redhawk, Taurus Tracker or a vintage Smith & Wesson Model 29 revolver, the choices are great.
    A good rifle to choose from are Henry Arms, Marlin or Winchester.
  • Little Brother .44 Special
    .44 special
    Did you know that you can shoot a .44 Special rounds in the .44 Magnum gun? Thats right you can use softer loads for target shooting and save the magnum load for self-defense or hunting.
    This is similar to using a .38 Special in a .357 Magnum revolver.
  • Reloads are Easy
    Reloading supplies for the .44 Magnum are available everywhere.
    Especially online, a quick search and all of the components that you need are within a click of your mouse.
    Case life for this cartridge is long and this non-bottleneck, straight-wall cartridge is easy to load.
  • Fun to Plink with
    Lets face it, you either love the thrill of the big recoil or you don’t.
    For plinking its nice to just blow off some shots out at the gun range.
    However, when accuracy counts, can you put six rounds into a bear’s head or torso in two seconds while firing double-action?
    Theres a big difference when shooting single-action in a controlled environment of a gun range.

Not many shooters can deal with the punishing recoil of calibers like the .500 S&W Magnum cartridge. The modern .44 Magnum revolvers are easier to carry and shoot.

Youtuber sootch00 takes this .44 Magnum rifle for a run.