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This Pocket Gun dual is aim at the Performance Level – Engineering may be equal – but it come down to the level of the Shooter and their Preferences.

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When it comes to shooting, few are at Rob Leatham’s caliber so when he’s got something to say about shooting, we should pay Listen!

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Ahead of its time in the Internal Design for Pocket Carry, Concealability and Reliablility in a .380 ACP Cartridge.

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The standard Dickinson Ranger features a simple and reliable break open action for easy loading and operation, and comes with a 28-inch barrel in 12-GA.

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These are some of the Best Full size 9mm Handguns out in the Market – the choices are mind boggling, so take a look at our list for Starters.

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Here are some of the best AR15 under $500 – You won’t go Broke for Having Fun.

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From concealed-carry class attendee to successful team competition shooter to sole owner of an ammunition company, one woman’s inspiring journey through the firearms world.

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