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The Springfield Armory XDe 9mm combines a traditional trigger system with a polymer frame to offer a pistol that successfully melds old and new.

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This 7.62x51mm NATO belt-fed beauty has provided U.S. Army and Marine Corps infantryman with hard-hitting firepower since the 1990s. It’s that good.

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Guncrafter Industries Model No. 4 50 GI packs a powerful punch, whether you’re carrying for self-defense or hunting hogs.

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Some of us are going to shoot clays occasionally & we know that it is good practice, but how can we make our clay shooting relate to bird hunting scenarios?

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Two very popular rifle calibers ever created, heres a simple look at .308 Win vs 30-06 and points out the practical differences between the two.

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If you don’t want to spend big money on a Night Vision Device, this solution might give you an idea of whats possible at the lower end.

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Turkey Shooting has evolved into something more like Rifle Shooting than “Shot-Gunning.”

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