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All of the features in the world don’t matter if the gun doesn’t shoot straight. Short answer for the Greenwing: It shoots straight, easily and comfortably.

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Don’t jump to the conclusion that the Load needs to be changed. – Experienced Loaders/Shooters will tell you look into the Trigger Pull or the Set-Up Bench.

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This Youtuber while firing short bursts the Thompshon machine gun just kept on going without putting a finger on the trigger.

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When developing this new Superior Chassis System, highlighting Accuracy, Weight, Ergonomics, Durability, Adaptability and Comfort.

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Point Shooting has its origins dating back to the OSS days of 1942, Rex Applegate trained Commandos on speed shooting without relying on sights.

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InvictaSafes security alarm will go off if the Gun Safe is tampered with, a GPS tracker activates to ensure you know where it is at all times.

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Sometimes a pre-cursor to a Gunfight involves Hand-to-Hand Jitsu just to get to Glock-Fu, Are we training correctly in preparation for that Gunfight?

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