Gun Safe that has GPS Tracker

Lock it up with InvictaSafes

Owning a firearm is an important part of life as an American, but it also comes with responsibilities. Leaving your firearm unsecured is a risk for so many reasons.
A child can find it and try to play with it, it can be stolen, or an intruder can even take it and use your own self defense tool against you. Being a responsible gun owner is the only acceptable way to be a gun owner, and that means properly and safely storing it.
But how that is done can be very restrictive. What are you going to do, keep it locked up in a safe hidden away in a closet? That used to be the only option, until InvictaSafe came along. There are so many reasons to have use InvictaSafe for your firearm, from safety to security to being able to showcase your gun the way it deserves to be.

Keep You and Your Family Safe
Improperly secured firearms lead to tragedies. Having a gun in your home can keep you safe if you use and store it responsibly, but if not it can be a deadly risk. The excitement and awesome nature of firearms would make any child or teenager want to see it and get their hands on it, but if they are able to get to your gun then that can spell disaster.
Keeping your firearm secured in a safe is the only surefire way to keep it away from members of your family or visitors that should not be near it. The secure lock on InvictaSafe will mean you can rest easy knowing your children won’t be able to touch your firearms until you know they are ready.
But being a responsible gun owner doesn’t mean you should be ashamed of your firearm or treat it like something bad that needs to be locked away and hid. InvictaSafe allows you to not only secure your gun but also display it, so your family and visitors can see that you are not only a responsible gun owner, but a proud one. And your children being able to see you firearm every day will show them that it is not something to be afraid of, but something to treat with the respect and admiration it deserves.

Protect Your Gun From Theft
When you get a gun, that firearm is meant for you and only you, and no one should be able to come into your house and take it. If it is stolen in a burglary, not only is this lost property but it can be used for an awful crime and you are in danger of being framed. Even worse, if your gun is taken during a home invasion before you have the chance to get it, then the tool you bought to protect you and your family is suddenly being used to hurt you.
Whatever the scenario, having your gun stolen is nothing short of a disaster. That’s why you have InvictaSafe. Complete with low tech and high tech security, InvictaSafe is the perfect way to keep your gun in your keeping.
Built with 12 gauge steel and ballistic glass, no one is getting through that to steal your gun. As secure as it is though, it has patent pending designs to ensure simultaneous quick access to allow you to get it the moment you need it, so you can be ready to protect your family and your home at a moment’s notice.
There are also additional security options you can choose to include, such as an alarm that will go off if your InvictaSafe is tampered with at all, and a GPS tracker to ensure you know where it is at all times through an app on your phone. With InvictaSafe, you can have the security of knowing that no one is getting near your gun without you knowing about it.

Display Your Firearm Like a Work of Art
Your gun is a beautiful thing, and there is no reason not to treat it that way. Being a proud, American gun owner should mean not feeling you have to hide your gun away or pretend it doesn’t exist. You got your firearm for a reason, and that was to protect you, your home, and your family. Does that sound like something you should hide or be ashamed of? With InvictaSafe you are able to display your firearm the way it should be: for all to see.

Whether it’s in your home, your office, your bedroom, or your man-cave, you can showcase it to impress any visitors, and to remind your family that you are keeping them safe. With LED lights and a customizable background, and the ability to remove the frame and change it to whatever you’d like, you can make your firearm stand out and catch everyone’s eye. You also have the option to add an engraving to the glass, whether you want to do display the firearm’s name, a clever motto, or anything else.
Having your gun on display will be an impressive attraction to any visitors, and also be a bold statement: don’t mess with this house.
InvictaSafe can be used for so many reasons, whether it’s security, responsibility, or just to add a cool and beautiful showpiece to your home. Be a responsible gun owner, and be a proud one.