Runaway Tommy Gun

Have a look at this footage of a runaway Thompson machine gun. YouTuber PowerModz shows just how scary a runaway machine gun can actually be. This Thompson submachine gun takes off expectantly for this shooter. A runaway machine gun can ruin your day or others quickly.
While firing short bursts the machine gun just kept on going without putting a finger on the trigger. Though text book states – Uncontrolled fire (the weapon continues to fire after the trigger is released) is usually caused by the firer not pulling and holding the trigger all the way to the rear. This results in the sear not clearing the sear notch, which causes wear to both parts.

Not sure if this was the problem with this Thompson machine gun but internal issues is likely. This range officer took the correct steps in holding onto the Thompson gun and pointing it at the target to let it fire the remaining rounds. You can see the target dance under the barrage of .45 caliber slugs.

Think the moral of the story is safety and keeping your guns clean always. Worn out, broken parts and dirty guns can cause Murphy to play a hand. Stay safe.

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