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This Review on the SCCY CPX2 is not your typical Gun Review, but the Pistol is also run through a Torture Test – Surprisingly the Gun keeps it on Going.

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Here’s a look at Magpul’s Remington 700 Stock Series – This is a “Drop-In” Product. No fitting or inletting is required.

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Some Glock Fans say its a Perfect Balanced Slim Fit, then there are a few that Likes to Pocket Carry which this Glock 43X is a little too Big for.

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Master Sgt. Jole Alvarez had completed some of the most challenging courses the Army has to offer, but Ranger School eluded him for two decades.

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With its ease of use and light recoil,Smith & Wesson’s new M&P 380 Shield EZ semiauto is ideal for women, seniors and beginners.

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It wasn’t the game that the author expected to take with it, but his big .58-caliber Flintlock still performed well in the woods.

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The joy of seeing things that goes Boom and seeing the Obliteration of Cars and Buildings may be a huge Stress Releiver.

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