Full Auto Pellet Gun

This could be one of the greatest ideas of all Plinking time.
Not everyone can own a fully automatic firearm. But anyone can own this very cool belt-fed, 15-grain, .22-caliber pellet rifle and have a helluva time. Thats right you don’t need the blessing or stalked by the ATF.
This isn’t the pellet gun that you had as a youth while shooting at squirrels. This air gun can pump out a pellet at 600 feet per second.
On full auto, you’re looking at 700 pellets per minute when you pull the trigger harder.

Unfortunately, reloading is quite the chore, you have to manually insert a 22 pellet into the belt.
Watch Youtuber 22plinkster give the SMG 22 a test spin shooting a 100 round link belt in the video below.
Sure, this airgun doesn’t have real-world practical use. It couldn’t be used in airsoft and there are probably technicalities in most states’ laws that would prohibit using this for hunting.
Still, this thing just looks like too much fun to pass up. Who wouldn’t enjoy a full-auto pellet gun? The SMG 22 can take plinking to a whole new level of fun.
As Plinkster22 says in the video, part of the novelty here is likely just being able to say you own a belt-fed gun. The downside is in the price. This toy costs more than $500, this is one expensive pellet gun!