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These rifles fits the SHTF scenario where you need a compact rifle that can be broken down and stored in your day pack, truck or even in your hidden cache.

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I don’t know if you can be a patriot and not get choked up when you see Old Glory flying, My thoughts go first to the sacrifices of our Military Forces.

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From close to mid ranges whats needed is accuracy and maneuverability, which the Lever Action Rifle fits the bill for Hunting.

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Deep Pockets not Required for this 1849 Pocket Replica Revolver – Uberti’s version of Colt’s percussion .31-caliber Model 1849 a ‘Dandy Little Gun.’

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Its just 24 notes, but the Bugle call has a deep, rich history.

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Lauren is a bona fide defender of the U.S. Constitution, a devoted advocate of physical fitness, a serious shooting hobbyist, patriot & a U.S. Army veteran.

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The Grizzly and it’s cubs were in his back yard, he tried to scare them away, it didn’t work and the Grizzly charged.

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