NERF Gun John Wick

Tell us if you’ve done this, come on fess up, you have at least one NERF gun in your home or office and have done the following when no one is watching: ‘sliced the pie’, hostage shots, body armor drills, quick-draw Doc Holliday trigger guard spins, open shirtless apex carry, look in the mirror and say ‘you looking at me?’, double tap on swimsuit model posters and long range “sniping”.
Then you’re a John Wick fan, this NERF gun parody had me rolling on the floor for the longest. YouTuber Corridor Digital did a three minutes of awesomeness a while back, substituting NERF guns for the real deal, but leaving the action and effects in place. The choreograph and editing on this video is great for a “B” rated movie, lots of laughs here.

You probably have also pondered: adding a weapon light and/or laser, spray painting or Cerakoting your blaster, trigger upgrades, increased round capacity, spring upgrades, optics, round adjustments for added range or “lethality” and the addition of several Magpul accessories.