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So in the concealed and open carry world most firearms schools teach the two common techniques while drawing and firing

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Hickok45 has showcased a lot of guns on his YouTube channel but for the first time ever, he’s shooting a

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Canadian elite special forces sniper makes record-breaking kill shot in Iraq and the distance is astronomical. Movies and Hollywood have

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Here are the 8 traits that makes the Ruger Mini-14 better than the AR-15. Lower Profile – doesn’t look aggressive

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When SHTF hits, these are the best weapons you could have in your possession! Personal security and survival are key

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Sometimes no matter how well you hit your target, their will to survive will make things interesting. Or maybe these pigs are just Zombies.

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Can the smaller .410 shotshell be used in a .45/70 rifle? Is this true? What will happen if you do?

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