Best Weapons for SHTF

When SHTF hits, these are the best weapons you could have in your possession!

Personal security and survival are key when SHTF. Whether it’s social unrest, a string of armed robberies, or a terrorist attack, these weapons are some of the best weapons to get you and your family out alive.

There are probably many more weapons and firearms that you can get your hands on, but you have to think. How many of these can you carry or get access to quickly. Here’s our pick:

The Sawed-Off Shotgun
Packs a punch when your target is close, it does quite the opposite at longer distances. Still, when it comes to powerful defense weapons, this is always on the front of everyones mind.

.50 BMG, When you don’t want the enemy to get too close!

When the zombie apocalypse finally breaks out, the .50 BMG may be one of your best friends. This gun is perfect for when you need to blow the heads clean off the walking dead without allowing them to get “too close.” While this guy doesn’t have much application in close quarters, it can send some serious long-range damage.

The Machete

In addition to gaining some serious notoriety after Hollywood named a movie name after it, the machete has long been a fearsome weapon of choice for hand to hand combat. With the age of sword fighting behind us nobody will expect it when you pull out a machete in self defense. An obvious close-quarter weapon that can seriously slice and dice its way out of a tough situation. The machete makes this list for its lethality and fearsome demeanor.

The Infamous AK-47

I’m pretty sure are not surprised to see this legendary weapon on a best weapons countdown. After all, history has proven that this weapon is deadly against just about any threat in multiple different combat scenarios. Lets just say it will take more than a few zombies or a bad guy with a handgun to make you back down when you have this bullet factory in your hands.


What about a backup?, How’s a Glock19 for SHTF scenario?, I know many won’t agree with this, but I want to hear it from you all.
Anyways, G19’s are compact, light, good capacity. Or you can save room and weight for AR mags(long guns).

Let us know what your SHTF weapons are below in the comment section.

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