Will a .50 Cal Stop A Running Engine?

FullMag Youtuber Ford truck usage has taken its toll, the cylinder has gone out. It would cost more to have it fix then to just go out and buy a new truck. Rather than tear up the vehicle piece by piece, they’ve decided to try out a theory with a 50 cal Barrett. Can a .50 cal stop a running engine?

FullMag utilizes the armor piercing, incendiary round for a good cause. Shooting through the block is relatively anticlimactic, since it will only leak oil. So let’s try to place a couple rounds through the valves and see if we can get some fire coming out.

Let’s see what happens.

Yes this Ford truck engine is still running with multiple armor piercing rounds in it. So the mstory of a .50 cal round stopping a vehicle engine is just a myth. In reality the truck will probably not run as normal.

Video Transcription
I’ve had my truck since the start of the channel here. Recently I’ve had a couple of cylindars go out, and the quotes to fix it would be more than the truck is worth.

“They shoulda never gave me money!”

Rather than part it out piece-by-piece or scrap it, I’m gonna put it down in the most appropriate way possible, here on Full Mag: With a .50 Cal.

Vehicle-borne IEDs have become one of the more common threats the US Military and Coalition Forces face. One of the ways to prevent these destructive devices from reaching their intended targets is by disabling them with specialized rounds through the engine.

These aren’t your standard ball-projectiles. Today I’ll be using armor-piercing and incindiary rounds fired from the Barret, and 107A1. Shooting through the block is relatively anticlimactic, since it’ll just leak oil. So let’s try to place a couple rounds through the valves and see if we can’t get some fire coming out.

“Dude, money!”

“That’s a good shot, brother!”


“Not through-through.”

“Definitely stopped it.”


“Definitely hurts a little bit, not gonna lie.”

“You’re like, ‘THE YEARS WE HAD, TRUCK’.”

“The times we had!”

“Takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’, dude! It’s so hard, it’s so hard to shoot this truck again!”

“YOU CAN’T KILL IT. YOU CAN’T KILL IT. Look at this!! It was runnin’ off of maybe six cylinders. It’s running off of maybe on four now. I dunno. Let’s see if maybe we can move this thing in line for the canon.”

The truck is running, even if still only barely, so I’m gonna finish it off in another video soon. I wanna know from you guys in the comments below: Which truck do you prefer? I wanna hear brands and models. Alright, I’ll see y’all soon!

Sources: FullMag Youtube

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